Pugacheva: no one robbed our palace and deprives citizenship

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 Pugacheva: no one robbed our palace and does not deprive citizenship < /p>

Russian pop prima donna Alla Pugacheva denied the information about the robbery of her house, which was spread by journalist Alena Zhigalova.

“When you read that your chic house, palace robbed in Caesarea, then you start to think, — is it okay with the head of those who come up with all this, & quot;, — quotes her words "StarHit".

Pugache explained that she does not live in Caesarea at all. In addition, the singer responded to gossip that she could be deprived of Israeli citizenship.

“First of all, I don't live in Caesarea. Secondly, no one robbed us. Thirdly, no one deprives us of any citizenship. Perhaps they just want to feel sorry for me and Max, so they try. They also get money for it, ", — she emphasized.

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