Pugachev drawn into the case of divorce of star pair: worn out by the courts

Пугачеву втягивают в дело о разводе звездной пары: затаскают по судам

Alla Pugacheva will help to divide property

Divorce Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko, apparently, will not end soon.

Russian comedians last year after many years of marriage divorced. However, forget about each other until I can not, for the reason that continue to divide marital property. And to share it. The status of artists is impressive – we are talking about 1.5 billion Russian rubles. It is clear that when we are talking about a sum, one is not so easy to give in.

Пугачеву втягивают в дело о разводе звездной пары: затаскают по судам

Though Petrosyan appealed to the ex-wife with a request to solve the issue of the carve-up silently without the involvement of the judiciary. But Stepanenko did not want to go to meet him. On the property, the court seized.

According to Petrosyan, the former wife wanted very much compensation. Then the case took lawyers.

Defender of the actor Sergey Zhorin said that this is a very easy job. He filled as many as 800 pages of the statement of claim. Besides, according to the lawyer Petrosyan, among the disputed property, there are things and objects that Eugene Vakhtangovich received a gift personally from Mikhail Zadornov, Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.

Zhorin said that if Stepanenko does not want to give it to my ex-husband, the hearing will invite the Russian pop diva Pugacheva, and other valuable witnesses who will tell who, when and to whom were given certain things.

The lawyer added that according to the law of personal gifts will not be divided. Therefore, Stepanenko gotta give it up without a problem. If she refuses. Then you have to drag other stars on the courts.

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Пугачеву втягивают в дело о разводе звездной пары: затаскают по судам

As previously reported, Petrosian distracts from the problems with the property and the former wife of a young mistress. It’s his assistant Tatiana Brukhanova. So, 20-year-old girl received the shooting of talk show “Exclusive”. In the program she revealed the truth about his relationship with Yevgeny Petrosyan.

“My life has completely changed. This was a shock for me. The threshold of iniquity was so high that to be silent was no longer forces”, — said in the program Brukhanova.

The footage you can see that on the ring finger of girls glitters engagement ring with a large diamond.

Recall, the mistress Petrosian was the owner of an excellent property.

As reported Politeka fans scared new photo Petrosyan, whose mistress is pregnant.

Also Politeka told me that Petrosian was the heir “on the side”.

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