Pugachev appeared without makeup: “it’s even better”

Пугачева показалась без макияжа: «так даже лучше»

Alla Pugacheva’s not afraid to be fans of without makeup

Instagram Alla Pugacheva always possible to see a variety of photos of the star who despite his age still looks amazing. There are also pictures, which depicted a Diva without makeup. In this way, the singer decided to satisfy the curiosity of fans, accustomed to seeing her during the parade.

Of course, some of the followers praise not only Alla Pugacheva, but also its “great surgeon”. This is not surprising because the star of the Russian stage already not much, not enough 69. “Many people want to see me without makeup,so to speak without embellishment. Satisfy your curiosity, but don’t forget that in April I’m 69 years”, — has signed a similar photo from the singer.

Пугачева показалась без макияжа: «так даже лучше»

Пугачева показалась без макияжа: «так даже лучше»

Pugacheva is not always itself publishes photos “unvarnished”. The husband of singer and TV presenter Maxim Galkin also like to boast the appearance of his wife. Favourite photos of fans of this series became the Pugacheva in a swimsuit sunbathing on the beach in Jurmala. “Favorite tans. Shot on the sly – not like when it is photographed”, – signed photo Galkin.

Пугачева показалась без макияжа: «так даже лучше» Пугачева показалась без макияжа: «так даже лучше»

Previously, Alla was lit in an unexpected position for a social event. Maxim Galkin continues to cover his family life with the Diva and joint children. The TV host shared on Instagram a new photo of Alla Pugacheva and son Harry, taken during a holiday.

Пугачева показалась без макияжа: «так даже лучше» Пугачева показалась без макияжа: «так даже лучше»

Fans of the star family stunned look of the singer. Some have even suggested that the photos may be staged. It is very difficult to make such a profound the spontaneously. Many fans in the comments was scattered in compliments and wished with Pugacheva Galkin family happiness. In addition, a number of subscribers did you notice the resemblance of the singer with a Hollywood celebrity: “Here, Alla to look like angelina Jolie”.

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Also recently, the network appeared rumors about the imminent divorce of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. One of the most prominent couples of the show business predicted the imminent breakup because of infidelity. According to media reports, the presenter repeatedly noticed in society 33-year-old colleague Yulia Baranovskaya. Journalists got so exasperated Galkina, what provoked his rudeness: “I don’t give reviews. I beg you, I do not need anymore to call. About anything!” — said the showman.

It can be assumed that the rumors were not confirmed. After all, it’s been awhile, and the family maintains their well-being, showing it in social networks. Maxim Galkin finally denied rumors of divorce with Donna, eloquently answering all the journalists a video of a family idyll with Alla Pugacheva in the suburban village of Mud.

Recall, Galkin showed his Palace with Pugacheva, while over the screaming child.

As reported Politeka, Pugachev came out in a leather outfit and hit the network.

Also Politeka wrote that Pugachev spree: 5-year-old daughter Diva accidentally told a family secret.

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