Published indicators of the state budget for 2020

Опубликованы показатели госбюджета на 2020 год

The Cabinet will approve the budget Declaration prior to 1 June, but to date it has not been adopted.

In the budget Declaration for 2020 laid the income 1096,6 billion hryvnia and expenditures 1185,3 billion hryvnia. On Monday, June 3, reports the online edition of the with reference on EP.

Budget policy statement is a strategic document defining the main parameters of the state budget and directions of budgetary policy for next year.

“Ukraine for the first time, this document introduces a full-fledged medium-term budgeting for three years”, — stated in the draft Declaration.

Also specifies the macro to which you want to calculate the budget. The macroeconomic forecast prepared by the economy Ministry.

According to the draft Declaration, in the following year is expected to accelerate real GDP growth to 3.3% compared to 2.8% in 2019.

The dollar is expected at this level: the annual average of 28.2 UAH/USD, year-end — 29,4 UAH/USD.

Опубликованы показатели госбюджета на 2020 год

The revenue budget is the preservation of existing rates of the main taxes, namely income tax for natural persons, VAT, collections for the military, rent for natural gas, oil and gas condensate income tax.

Profit from the Bank may be reduced by UAH 6.9 billion compared with the approved for this year’s 47.6 billion UAH.

Social standards will moderately grow. It is planned that the cost of living next year will increase from 2027 2189 UAH to UAH. The minimum wage will be 4723 thousand UAH, which is by 13.2% more than this year.

Опубликованы показатели госбюджета на 2020 год

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The publication notes that the Cabinet will approve the budget Declaration prior to 1 June and then to submit it to the Parliament. Today it is not accepted.

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