Published effective way to treat breast cancer

Обнародован эффективный способ лечения рака груди

Women were divided into two groups.

The use of a new drug for the treatment of breast cancer allowed to increase the survival rate of patients.

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The study was conducted on patients with HER2-negative cancer is sensitive to hormonal therapy. Women were divided into two groups: one received traditional hormone therapy, and the second additional drug roboticly. It turned out that after three and a half years after the start of the tests in the first group survived only 46 percent of women, and the second — 70 percent. The studies selected women who have not yet menopause, and tumors which have metastasized or grow in other parts of the body.

“This is an important group to study, as launched breast cancer is one of the main causes of death from cancer in women 20 to 59 years, and most of these tumors are susceptible to hormone therapy,” said study leader Sarah gerwitz, oncologist, center for the study of cancer University of California-Los Angeles.

Doctors have called an unexpected cause of early aging

The publication notes that the study was sponsored by Novartis, which produces roboticly. The results will be published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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