Public transport tickets in Germany

 Public transport tickets in Germany

Public transport in Germany is an affordable and convenient way to get around. Tickets are divided into several types. We tell you which one will be profitable to buy based on the material of the German publication “Ausidlerbote”.

Public transport in Germany

For a short trip

This view is valid for several stops. Suitable for a short trip if you need to drive just a couple of stops. At the same time, it is valid only for one type of transport.

If you buy such a ticket, you will not be able to transfer from one bus to another. If you do take a train, for example, you will lose the right of way.

For one trip

For one trip or one-time a ticket in Germany is designed for a certain time period. Typically, the time limit is 90 minutes.

What are your rights? Within 90 minutes, you can use public transport without breaking the law. At the same time, transferring to other modes of transport is allowed. Not even once. There is one minus, with a ticket for one trip, you do not have the right to return on it. It is necessary to buy a new one.

Moreover, the passenger is obliged to move within the boundaries of a certain territory.

For a day

By purchasing a ticket for day trips, the passenger has the right to travel as much as he needs during the day or the whole day.
The only restriction — this is the zone where the ticket is valid. Once purchased, the expiration date will be marked on it.
A day ticket is usually valid until late at night. This is to ensure that the passenger makes the return trip home.

For a week

Tickets for public transport in Germany also include travel cards. As a rule, this type is valid for a certain time. It could be a week or a month. The travel card is also valid for a certain territory.

A travel card for a week or a month is available for purchase from a vending machine or at the carrier's ticket office.

For a group of passengers

This is an advantageous offer for those who travel with a large company of 3 or more people. Here you will be pleased with the price and quality.

The ticket gives the right to travel throughout the day and for a group of up to 5 people, taking into account a certain zone.

How to buy?< /strong>

Tickets for public transport in Germany can be bought at the box office at the railway station, at vending machines, from the driver or online.

Usually there are no problems with buying tickets for public transport . Keep in mind that contactless payment does not always work in vending machines. Most often, passengers pay with a card, which is better to take with you. The machines are available in English. Carriers also offer to buy tickets through the app.

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