Psychologist suspected of pedophilia dies during arrest

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 Psychologist suspected of pedophilia died during arrest

Founder of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology Vladimir Tonkov, who was suspected of pedophilia, fell out of the fourth floor window while trying to hide from law enforcement officers. He wanted to get away from his pursuers on the roof.

Investigators have evidence that Tonkov repeatedly committed sexual acts against a minor in the village of Mukholovka in the summer of 2022.

On the morning of January 24 The police arrived at the psychologist's house. During a search, the deceased found photographs of naked people who posed in the presence of young children. The shots were taken at Vladimir Tonkov's house.

Vladimir Tonkov is a Ph.D. in psychology and economics, a professor at Bircham International University, an honored teacher at the Baltic Pedagogical Academy in St. Petersburg. He created a number of manuals and monographs.

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