Psychologist show “Halves” lost 30kg and became a singer: vivid video

Психолог шоу "Половинки" похудела на 30 кг и стала певицей: яркое видео

The psychologist and the participant of the project “dancing with the stars” Natalia Kholodenko, who lost 30 kg, became a singer

Her first song and clip psychologist, host of the show “Half” and “panic” released on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

“Song “TANECO MoH Creel” was written after the filming of the clip. Paradoxically, but first we made a video, and then promptly within a couple of hours wrote several versions of the words of the verses,” — says Natalia Kholodenko, who took his stage name TALA.

According to Natalya, this move was very spontaneous. Clipmaker Elena Vinarskaia filmed a music video for a well-known singer and offered at midnight to remove Natalia minute video.

Психолог шоу "Половинки" похудела на 30 кг и стала певицей: яркое видео

“Lena offered to sing, but in my head surfaced just a chorus. We have over 12 hours the video was removed, sewed costumes, did a production with dance theatre of Vitaliy Zagoruiko, recorded the audio version, the arrangement made Vlad Darwin. Poems verses wrote with my friend, but Vlad told them to completely rewrite in two hours. During the day the clip was fully ready,” — said Kholodenko.

But at that time the song did not become public knowledge. One of the television projects that Natalia Kholodenko was the contract, has banned the release of the clip. So video spent more than a year on the shelf.

“Now really wish this song was inspired by everyone who lacks the thrill of flight,” — said the psychologist.

Natalia Kholodenko has already told me how he lost 30 pounds. Postroynevshaya figure Natalia was evident during her participation in the project “Dancing with the stars.” But this psychologist is not stopped.

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Психолог шоу "Половинки" похудела на 30 кг и стала певицей: яркое видео

“Many crucial decisions in the three consultations of the psychologist in the day while on vacation, I don’t know how many hours of group therapy and more than a hundred hours in the gym. The difference is not 30 pounds, which I dropped for the year. The difference is the courage to admit to myself that important,” she said.

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