Psychiatrists will conduct an examination of the sanity of Maksakova

Psychiatrists will conduct an examination of Maksakova's sanity

The court sent the well-known Russian opera singer Maria Maksakova for a psychiatric examination to a specialized clinic in Moscow.

The singer was sued over real estate by her own minor children Ilya and Lyudmila , the actions of which are directed from the father & mdash; businessman Vladimir Tyurin. Children demand in court to give them living space in accordance with the deed of gift, which was signed by the artist. But the singer assures that at that moment she was not quite herself.

During the next court session, representatives of Maksakova filed a petition for the artist to have a psychological and psychiatric examination. The court satisfied him and ordered an examination.

“Neither my interests nor the interests of my young child were taken into account in the documents”. if Tyurin takes this property for himself, we simply will not have a roof over our heads. Plus, now, by his actions, Tyurin is forever destroying my relationship with Ilya and Lyusya '', & mdash; said Maksakova.

It is also reported that this apartment & mdash; the only property of Maksakova, who alone is raising a 5-year-old son.

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