Prytula plunged into a new scandal in the national selection for Eurovision: “Shemp!”

Притула вляпался в новый скандал в Нацотборе на Евровидение: "Гопник!"

A well-known comedian Serhiy Prytula was again attacked from behind hard jokes in the national selection on Eurovision

For example, when he laughed at Zelensky, comparing his candidacy with the artists of the show “Dancing with the stars” and comments poured in, one by one, according to “”.

Although the host is not time to explain: an evil plan he was not, but the irony should be taken solely with a sense of humor, not as an accusation of a person.

Притула вляпался в новый скандал в Нацотборе на Евровидение: "Гопник!"

The second semi-final of National selection for Eurovision-2019 was also marked by several scandals in the network. In particular, a flurry of comments sparked a review of TV presenter Sergey Prytula concerning the outfit of the singer KHAYAT (real name – Andrew Hyatt).

The artist took the stage of the National selection in an outfit that resembled a Bathrobe. In such clothes KHAYAT presented his song Ever, combining folk tunes with electronic music.

According to tradition, after a spectacular room with the artist communicated the show’s host Sergey Prytula. Showman remembered the story of the beating KHAYAT in Kiev, wittily combining the incident with the image of the singer.

“If you dress like that in the subway, it is not surprising that you beat!”, – said Sergey Prytula.

And then Pritula just “attacked” the network, condemned for these words. They were joined by well-known journalist of TV channel Dmitry Furdak, which was named Pritula “homophobic”.

“I think Sergey Pritula needs to apologize for his own justification and the condemnation of violence against people “who do not look like everyone else.” Leading the National selection for the Eurovision song contest spoke low like a bum… This is unacceptable!” – said the journalist.

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Response Sergiy Prytula is not delayed. In a note the artist posted a video in which drew the attention of the media representative on the work of the TV station where he works.

“Dmitry, you are working on the canal, which is very “postebatsya” over Sianga. I do not remember that you demanded from their leaders an apology. This is the first. Secondly, I’ve looked at your profile, you are all sugary get together there, what are you Agaete me?”, – he commented.

Притула вляпался в новый скандал в Нацотборе на Евровидение: "Гопник!"

As you know, for the opportunity to represent the country at Eurovision-2019 will compete Brunettes Shoot Blondes, MARUV, YUKO, ANNA MARIA, Freedom-jazz, KAZKA.

Regarding the latter group had a lot of people criticized the vocal of the singer Alexandra Zaritskaya and even created a flash mob #NOKAZKA.

Recall that the singer from Ukraine “received an ovation” at the national selection for the Eurovision song contest-2019.

As reported Politeka, Eurovision took on Pritula: preparing for the national selection is in full swing.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian singer-beauty will conquer the Eurovision special a song

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