Provocative photos of female athletes raise concerns about NIL rules

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 Provocative photos of female athletes raise concerns about NIL rules

Student athletes earn millions by posting their photos on millions of social media accounts. But some of those who have fought for equality in sports fear that building personal brands is dangerous.

Ahead of the junior season, Olivia Dunn, a Louisiana women's gymnast, is actively campaigning for new NIL rules that allow student athletes to be compensated for the use of their name and likeness. She earns over a million dollars annually from advertising.

“Seven figures. This is what I'm proud of”, — sportswoman says. Her earnings are expected to double next season. The gymnast has over 6 million followers on TikTok and over 2 million on Instagram.

For many female athletes of her generation, being outspoken and flirtatious, as well as highlighting the sexyness of your body on social media, is absolutely normal. But the new rules worry those who advocate equality in sports. They believe that this is how female attractiveness is used to attract attention, and not sportsmanship. And other female athletes are consciously reluctant to exaggerate their sexuality.

Stanford's Tara Van Derveer, a successful women's basketball coach, sees the beauty-focused part of the NIL revolution as regressive for female athletes. She believes the new rules reinforce old sexist attitudes.

“It's a step backwards,” – says Tara.

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