Proverbs, sayings and folk superstitions about winter in Ukrainian

Прислів'я, приказки і народні прикмети про зиму українською

popular signs and sayings about winter

Winter time brings not only the new year holidays and cold weather, but a lot of people signs and sayings. The best Proverbs and predictions about the winter – read on!

Winter is amazing time of the year, because you can plenty of dash off on a sled, skate, ski, play snowballs, sculpt a snowman. Every winter month in the country, its name:

  • December – jelly, because all winter long the ground Studite
  • January – winter fracture
  • February – bokori

Proverbs and sayings about winter

  • Lots of snow and lots of bread.
  • Winter sun crying through the laughs.
  • In the summer and duck laundress, and in the winter Teresa not taken.
  • Hold on, Thomas, winter comes!
  • Blizzard need to cover.
  • Winter without snow – a summer without bread.
  • Winter white, and not eating snow, but all the hay.
  • SiMn warm as masculine good.
  • Winter time all pdbase.
  • Winter day, as mosquitoes sock.
  • In winter, open field, and the bread will not give birth.
  • Winter sun crying through the laughs.
  • Disaster so winter who have no casing, boots, lazy and have nothing to eat.
  • The month of February, keenly wrought.
  • The month of February asks shod.
  • Frost small, and are not allow it.
  • On new year’s day was added on hare gallop.
  • Come summer – all very diverse, come winter – no.
  • Come winter, surges of the mind.
  • Bird Peeps – winter screams.
  • A lot of snow – h rich.
  • The sun shines and the frost cracks.
  • The sun on summer and winter frost.
  • A sad December and the holiday, and weekdays.
  • The frost, as many as the stars jump.
  • Snow, Blizzard, because winter is near your ear.
  • Bursting no bursting – was the Baptism.
  • Who is afraid of the heat in the summer, that in winter there is nothing to bask.
  • As sasima, and the frog will go numb.
  • As Feb not get mad, and in the spring of eyebrows not gloom.
  • If I had that kind of power in January, says February that I would be the bull-horn tretyako vlamis.

Прислів'я, приказки і народні прикмети про зиму українською

Folk omens about the winter

About winter and harvest

  • What winter, and summer, and the harvest.
  • After a large harvest and harsh winter.
  • Lots of snow and lots of bread.
  • If at the beginning of winter a lot of snow fall, the summer is often rainy.
  • A lot of big icicles – for a good harvest of vegetables.
  • Snow puff – bread will arrive.
  • If snow is rolled close to the fences, the summer will be bad, but if there is a gap – yielding.
  • Snow field improves.
  • Winter will pass, the snow melts, and that the crop will come down.
  • Day snow does not lie. The first reliable snow falls in the night.
  • During the night snow nametet and winter, the path will become.
  • Snow knocks down (falling light snowflakes).
  • If at the time snow fell, we, the harvest God will give.
  • The snow fell and vanished.
  • Go snow – will leave a mark.
  • There is no snow and there is no trace.
  • Snow storm – because it’s winter the ear.

The weather in the summer

  • If a crust has formed, then the year will be good, and if not, the summer will be dry and barren.
  • If the winter formed a very strong and high Nastia, will be in summer storms and thunderstorms.
  • Large amounts of snow in winter foretells a large amount of water and hot summer. Winter should be cold and snowy, but warm and snowy winter portends a bread of summer.

Прислів'я, приказки і народні прикмети про зиму українською

Winter animal signs

  • Wolves howling in winter near human habitation – the frost will amplify.
  • While the wolves in the pack will not be herded real winter did not come.
  • Rabbits also feel the onset of cold weather and huddle house: “hares in the gardens came to a harsh winter”. If the spit go into the woods and fields, the weather will be warm.
  • The horse before the onset of bad weather, snorts, snores, shakes his mane, shakes her head and throws it upwards. But if the horse falls to the ground, soon the snow falls.
  • The dog is curled up and lies a ring – in the cold. Stretched upon the ground and lies there belly up, legs spread wide, – on the heat.
  • Weather changes and catch cats. Before the onset of cold weather they choose a place warmer and higher, cuddle and, covering his snout with a paw, sleep. If the cat licks the body and tail, claws scratching the wall – expect bad weather, licking a paw to a wind on the back is turned on the good weather. To thaw the cat falls in the middle of the room, stretched and sleeping.

Winter omens birds

  • Crows in winter on the tops of the trees sit, loud croak and cleaning to snow.
  • If the evening birds flock in the sky billow and swirl in the air, rising, falling, finding a place to sleep, the night will be a storm or a Blizzard.
  • Ravens in the air, hovering before the snow on the ground sit to thaw, sitting on the tops of trees or the roofs of houses to frost, sitting on the lower branches of trees to the wind.
  • Watched closely not only with the behavior of crows, and other birds:
  • Forty under the eaves (roof) climb – to be Blizzard.
  • Sparrows chirp a lot to Blizzard.
  • The sparrows gather in flocks, sitting on top of the brushwood and sing – to heat. But if the birds are in the middle of the brushwood hide the approaching cold. Generally, if the sparrows in the winter troubled itself build, loud tweeting, hiding under the roof or in the brushwood, there will be a snowstorm or frost.
  • Woodpecker hollows a tree bottom-up, Stripping almost the entire crust to the snow and harsh winter.
  • The Snowbird sings in the storm, snow and slush.
  • The cock sang in the evening before nine o’clock to thaw.
  • Petya night sing not at the usual time – to weather and weather changes.
  • If in the bitter cold earlier than usual oarlocks sing, then there will be more warm and mild weather.
  • The rooster in the yard on one foot – to frost.
  • Before the chickens to roost sit – to frost, and the higher you get the colder it will be.
  • Chicken winter waves wings and tail wags to blizzards, summer – rain.
  • Chicken nanoholes, feathers raised and to each other cling – to the cold.
  • Geese faces under the wings of hide – to frost, pop wings – to heat.
  • If goose in the winter Zaragoza – wait for the heat but if sitting cross-legged, to blizzards or cold.

Прислів'я, приказки і народні прикмети про зиму українською

Winter signs of the weather

  • East wind whiz to prolonged cold.
  • If some days the North wind blows, it will be storm or snowstorm, and the snow falls thick and big.
  • The forest is noisy in the winter to thaw.
  • Willow roars (roars) – to the Blizzard.
  • Dubravushka noise to the bad weather.
  • The shutters creak and knock – will rosabel.
  • Ringing from afar can be heard loud and clear – to frost, weak and deaf to the snow.
  • The mist falls to the earth – warming, high above the earth rests – for good weather.
  • Night came a frost – a snow day do not wait.
  • Trees hoarfrost covered to heat. 90 days from that day the precipitation will fall in the winter snow, summer rain.
  • The smoke from the chimney falls down and creeps along the ground to thaw; goes up to frost.
  • Clouds go against the wind to the snow.
  • Signs on furnace fire
  • By winter burn in furnace of firewood, too it is possible to predict future weather:
  • Red kiln fire to frost, white – to heat.
  • If when burning wood, hear the squeak and the crackle – expect cold weather.
  • The wood oven smoke, noise and bad breaks out to thaw.

Signs for sun, stars and moon

  • Circles around the moon or the sun in the winter to frost and prolonged snow storms.
  • Light poles near the sun – will soon significantly colder.
  • If around the sun “ears” (short columns), it will be snowstorm and frost.
  • The light rays from the sun come down – to the cold, down to heat.
  • The circles near the solar disk – in the bitter, bitter cold.
  • Many stars in the sky to the cold. Rare stars – the Blizzard and bad weather.
  • If the young month of steep and curved horns, in a few weeks it will be cold.

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