Proud! Ukrainka won the Oscar for 2020 heartfelt short film

Пишаємось! Українка виграла Оскар 2020 за проникливу короткометражку

Carol Dinger and Elena Andreicheva with mark Ruffalo
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The Pride Of Ukraine! Elena from Kiev Andreicheva received an Oscar 2020 for best documentary short film of the year – “learn to ride a skateboard in a combat zone (If you’re a girl)”.

Now Elena Andreicheva lives in London, but in his biography of the producer does not hide the fact that she hails from Kiev. On Oscars 2020 Ukrainka, along with Director Carol Dinger received the gold statuette for best documentary short film.

The 40-minute tape Ukrainka “Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)” also previously received the award the British Academy of film and television arts (BAFTA). The short film talks about the non-profit organization Skateistan, which was founded in Kabul (Afghanistan) his skating school for girls from poor areas. There they learn to read, write and, of course, to ride skateboards. It is worth noting that in Afghanistan women are not allowed to play sports.

Watch the trailer heartfelt film:

In the field of documentary production and television, Elena works with 2006. The emphasis in her works she makes on the themes of imprisonment, human trafficking and immigration.

Proud of our talented countrywoman!

Пишаємось! Українка виграла Оскар 2020 за проникливу короткометражку

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