Protests in Tel Aviv: police block roads

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 Tel Aviv protests: police block roads

The central streets will be closed to traffic ahead of demonstrations in Tel Aviv.

Police announced that ahead of demonstrations expected tonight in Tel Aviv against the judicial -legal reform, a number of streets will be closed to traffic.

From 16:45:

  • Kaplan Street from Ibn Gvirol to Menachem Begin will be closed in both directions,
  • Leonardo da Vinci Street from Hatman to Shaul Hameleh in both directions.

From 17:30:

  • Hamsgar Street from Yitzhak Sadeh Street to Menachem Begin Road will be blocked in the north direction,
  • Menahem Begin Street from Shaul HaMelech Boulevard to Hasmonaim Street in both directions,
  • Street Hashalom from Moshe Dayan to faces Yigal Alon to the west,
  • Hasmonaim Street east of Carlebach and climbs to the Shalom Interchange along the Ayalon lanes to the north and south.

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