Protests in Iran: Four more people sentenced to death

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 Protests in Iran: four more people sentenced to death

Revolutionary courts in Tehran have found that one of the unnamed defendants hit a policeman with his car, Mizan judicial news agency reported.

A second stabbed a security officer, and a third attempted to block traffic and sow “terror,” Mizan claims.

The fourth convicted person was reported by the agency late on Tuesday, specifying that he was sentenced to death for a knife attack.

This brings the number of protesters sentenced to death to five. The first death sentence was handed down by an Iranian court a few days ago for “arson of a government building, disorderly conduct, assembly and conspiracy to commit a crime against national security”. that they are the result of unfair trials.

“The protesters do not have access to lawyers during the interrogation stage, they are subjected to physical and mental torture to make them give false confessions, and sentences are handed down on the basis of confessions,” — Mahmoud Amiri-Moghaddam, director of the Norwegian human rights organization in Iran, said, AFP news agency reported.

According to the Human Rights Defenders News Agency (HRANA), which is also based outside the country, at least 348 protesters were killed and another 15,900 arrested in a security forces crackdown on what Iranian leaders called foreign-sponsored “riots.” br />
At least 15 detainees are believed to be facing death charges under Iran's sharia-based legal system, including moharebeh. (enmity against God) and "efsad fil-arz" (corruption on Earth).

The judicial announcements came after six people were reportedly killed amid a new wave of unrest that began on Tuesday.

Kurdish rights group Hengaw said three male protesters were killed by security forces in the north in the western cities of Sanandaj and Kamyaran in Kurdistan province.

Norway-based Hengaw also said that protesters took over the city of Bukan in neighboring West Azerbaijan province on Tuesday evening.

State media reported that “rebels” shot and killed two members of the IRGC, including a colonel, in Bukan and Kamyaran.

They also reported that the cleric, who was a member of the IRGC-controlled Basij resistance paramilitary force, died of wounds after being hit Molotov cocktails in the southern city of Shiraz.

State media have reported the deaths of 38 security personnel since the protests began. HRANA puts the death toll at 43.

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