Protests in Brazil: opponents of the president burn cars and storm the police

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 Protests in Brazil: presidential opponents burn cars and storm police

Opponents of the pro-Russian Lula da Silva, who won the presidential election in Brazil, clashed with security forces last night, set fire to several cars and tried to invade the headquarters of the federal police in the capital, writes DW.< br />
Yesterday's riots came after police executed an arrest warrant for José Acacio Serere Xavante, who is suspected of participating in protests against the new president.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva won the the second round of the presidential elections in Brazil with a small margin: 50.85% of citizens voted for him, for the incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro — 49.15%.

After the far-right Bolsonaro lost re-election to the left-wing Luis Inácio Lula da Silva on October 30, many of his supporters gathered at military barracks across the country, refusing to admit defeat and calling on the military to intervene.< br />
Bolsonaro, who has repeatedly said that the country's e-voting system is vulnerable to fraud, has not admitted defeat.

Lula's inauguration is scheduled for January 1.

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