Protests erupt in India over the release of a group of rapists

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 Protests broke out in India against the release of a group of rapists

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Authorities in India have decided to release 11 men who were sentenced to life imprisonment for gang raping a Muslim woman during religious protests in the country in 2002.

This caused an immediate reaction society. According to the Associated Press, on Saturday, hundreds of people demonstrated across India against the decision.

Protesters in the capital, New Delhi, chanted slogans and demanded that the government of the western state of Gujarat reverse the decision.

A woman who was injured in that incident recently stated that the decision of the Gujarat government left her in a daze and shook her faith in justice.

Gujarat officials say the decision to pardon was granted because the convicts had been in prison for more than 14 years. Authorities note that the men are eligible for release due to the 1992 policy that was in place at the time of their conviction.

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