Protests begin across the country for the eighth week in a row

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 Protests start across the country for the eighth consecutive week

Tonight, Saturday, for the eighth week in a row, mass protests against the legal revolution will continue in dozens of cities. The main demonstration, like every week, will take place on Saturday evening on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv , and at the end of it, the activists of the “Black Flags” intend to block the Ayalon routes.

"Tank column" Yom Kippur War fighters left Malonim towards Tel Aviv via Caesarea. This time, the tank is made of cardboard, following an incident last week during which the tank was removed from the memorial site for use in a protest.

Today's protests are expected to take place in dozens of locations across the country, from the Goma Junction in the north to Eilat. Other protests will take place in Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba, Ashdod, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Karmiel and Efrat.

Last week, at least 133,000 protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv, and elsewhere — tens of thousands more across the country.

Yesterday, more than 100 officers and soldiers of the IDF special operations unit published a petition declaring: “If the legislative reform aimed at destroying Israeli democracy continues, we will not continue to serve in the special operations unit, and we will not report to the reserve.

The petition is signed by lieutenant colonels, colonels, brigadier generals and a general.

“We have served with endless sacrifice for this country we love so much, but we will not continue to serve when a huge black flag is hoisted over the actions of the government . Such legislation will destroy everything we have served and fought for. We won't let this happen. We express our personal opinions, each of the signatories, and we do not claim to officially represent any organization.

Israel Defense Forces Special Operations Unit — it is an intelligence unit that deals with intelligence gathering operations. It is of great importance and is considered an elite unit that is deployed in covert and critical operations.

On Wednesday, News 13 first reported that a senior officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Air Force is asking to be released from his reserve position in protest against actions of the current government. The officer held a number of senior positions in the Air Force.

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