Protesters appealed for salvation to Putin: “Haiti is ours”

Митингующие обратились за спасением к Путину: "Гаити наш"

The network acute comment on the news in the Russian media, which reported that amid protests in Haiti, there were calls for help to Vladimir Putin

“I urge America and representatives of the protesters to hold talks in Borisoglebsk and sign a contract called Borisoglebsk 1-. Only peaceful means to achieve conflict resolution and negotiations. In short, I’m concerned” — ironically wrote the blogger “Fascists Donetsk” in comments to Russian media about the protests in Haiti, where Russian name to help.

Митингующие обратились за спасением к Путину: "Гаити наш"

Social network users also laugh at the comments of the post:

“Perhaps it is time to hold a referendum on the accession of Haiti to the Borisoglebsk”

“Gaitens! economyclass! putinvladimir!”

“Haiti is soon to be our)))) in home port, as close as could))! These Bushmen always there harness and unhappy. They can understand, and the fact that news of Raska PI*areski come up with fantasy news is a brainless fuck. Raska same Haiti who would help her”

Митингующие обратились за спасением к Путину: "Гаити наш"

Митингующие обратились за спасением к Путину: "Гаити наш"

Meanwhile, video from Haiti shows that among the protesters there are Russian flags, activists are holding portraits of Vladimir Putin.

Note that in the Haitian capital Port-AU-Prince escalated mass protests against President Jovenes Moise. The demonstrators called him a puppet of Washington.

Protesters burned the US flag, chanting: “Down with the Americans, long live Putin!”. Protests in the Republic continue from 7 February, and activists have appealed for help in resolving the crisis toward Moscow, Caracas and Beijing.

“We want to say about the final rupture with the United States, we’ve had enough of American occupation, we can’t do this anymore,” said the leader of the group of protesters.

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The protesters accuse the President Moise of failing to provide citizens with vital things. The leader of Haiti is also a suspect in the embezzlement of money.

Since the beginning of protests in Haiti killed at least 7 people. Several dozen people were injured, including one of the journalists who covered the event.

The protests led to clashes with police officers. Last used stun grenades and tear gas.

We will remind, the President of Haiti was assassinated.

We wrote that a powerful earthquake struck Haiti

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