Protest against the reform: IDF veterans took the tank from the historical memorial

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 Protest against the reform: IDF veterans took the tank from the historical memorial

On Thursday, a group of anti-law reformers who fought together in the Yom Kippur War seized an old tank from the Tel Saka memorial in the Golan Heights.

The group " Mohim, calling themselves “Kippur fighters,” loaded the tank onto a tow truck and covered it with a huge poster of the Declaration of Independence, on which people present at the rally began to sign in support of the protest. After that, the tank was removed from the territory of the memorial in the direction of the district council of Dganiya.

“We, who grew up and brought up in the light of the Declaration of Independence and its values, who lost friends and received bodily and spiritual wounds in the Israeli wars, again We go to fight and defend the freedom, independence and values ​​of the people of Israel in accordance with the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence is in danger, the Declaration of Independence is in existential danger”, — said the organizers of the action.

“We stand up today with a sense of urgency and go out with a call to each and every one of us, the citizens of the country, whoever they may be, who feel that they are currently in an emergency situation, join us,” they added.

Upon receiving a report of his disappearance of a tank from the Tel Saki memorial complex, the police launched a search. The tank was found near Kibbutz Gadot. The organizer of the action and the driver of the tow truck transporting the tank were detained.

The police launched an investigation into the case on suspicion of theft.

“From the preliminary investigation of the circumstances of the case, there is a suspicion that the tank was from the installation site without permits,” the police said.

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