Protest against reform: now IDF veterans hijacked armored personnel carriers

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 Reform protest: IDF veterans now hijack APCs

On Saturday, February 18th, a group of anti-law reformers who fought together in the Yom Kippur War stole an old APC.

Police detained three protesters for investigation.< br />
This is the second hijacking in a week. On Thursday, IDF veterans seized an old tank from the Tel Saka memorial in the Golan Heights.

They were detained today for transporting an old armored personnel carrier to a demonstration attended by about 300 people at the entrance to Kibbutz Dgania. According to law enforcement officers, the captured armored personnel carrier was part of the Stariy Bridge memorial. in Naaraim.

Regarding the daring theft, the veterans told the police that the car, like the tank Thursday, they “borrowed” for demonstration.

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