Prosecutors: Former mayor of Kfar Yona to stand trial for bribery

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 Prosecutor's Office: Former Mayor of Kfar Yona to stand trial for bribery

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The Central District Criminal Attorney's Office has notified Ephraim Deri, the former mayor of Kfar Yona, that he will be prosecuted on suspicion of taking bribes and advancing the interests of his associate, a local businessman.
< br /> Former Mayor of Kfar Yona Ephraim Deri has received a letter from the prosecutor's office subpoenaing him for a hearing before being prosecuted on charges of bribery. The hearing will be held in court before the indictment is announced.

According to an investigation conducted by Lahav 433 in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service, during his tenure as mayor of Kfar Yona, Efi Deri had a close associate, city businessman Asher Neiman .

Investigation has shown that Deri has been promoting the business interests of a friendly businessman in the city for many years, starting from his time as a member of the local council, and then continuing this by taking the post of mayor.< br />
In particular, for example, at a meeting of the municipal commission, he pushed through a permit for the construction of gas stations initiated by a businessman. Moreover, he called an extraordinary meeting to approve an additional estimate for the construction of access roads necessary for the operation of the gas station. For help coming from Neiman, Deri set up a shell company, Eshet Hail, which was owned by another firm owned by Neiman and Deri's wife.

false pay slips issued in the name of his wife, checks totaling about NIS 150,000.

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