“Proper nutrition as a lifestyle. Tips from an Israeli nutritionist”

Since ancient times, the sages have said: “In a healthy body – healthy mind,” and they were right. So maybe now, when summer is very close, it's time to turn to a healthy lifestyle?

There are a few important rules to keep in mind. First, there are many different ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and watch your diet. And secondly, each person is individual: he has his own rhythm of life, his own work schedule, his own taste preferences, etc. And all this affects the choice of food.

Unfortunately, for many people, the phrase “mind your diet” means severe restrictions, a constant feeling of hunger and something temporary. But the diet – it is an individual way of eating, chosen exclusively by a dietitian, based on the age, health status and goals of the person.
It is important to follow a diet all the time, not just from time to time.

To develop the type of nutrition that suits you it is recommended to consult a nutritionist licensed by the Ministry of Health.

We asked Galit Gurevich, a dietitian at the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund in the Hasharon region, how to switch to a proper and healthy diet in the summer.

– Galit, tell me how to take the first and sometimes the most difficult step?

It's no secret that change is difficult for us. It requires planning, organization, free time and, of course, motivation. Summer symbolizes the beginning, freedom, lightness, and these feelings are associated with our motivation and desire to succeed.
Want — this is already the first step. As Viktor Frenkel, the psychologist and inventor of logotherapy, said: “If we have a why, we will find a how.”

– So what should we do?

– You can start by setting personal goals that will be clear to you first of all. It is important to focus on a small number of goals and next to each of them indicate why you want to achieve it. Find the real reason. It's best to organize your goals and write them down on your phone or notepad, whatever works best for you.

Then it is worth identifying questions related to goals. For example: how can I achieve this goal? What am I willing to give up in order to achieve it? Who does it depend on? Am I on my own? Whose help might I need? How important is this goal to me? If the majority of the answers are positive, this is a sign that the goal is correctly defined. When in doubt, the tasks should be rethought.

From this point on, you can move on to the stage of achieving the goal and start planning specific changes. For example, reduce the amount of baking or move the last meal to an earlier time. You can also include more vegetables in your diet. Main – take steps based on your desires and needs. The more focused we are on change, the more likely we are to live up to our own expectations, and the feeling of satisfaction from what we have achieved helps our motivation.

– What should we pay attention to? What pitfalls are possible in the summer season?

– In summer, our daily routine changes: the days become longer and the nights shorter. Sleep disruption can slow down our metabolic rate. Lack of sleep encourages sugar cravings, and food choices throughout the day will be less conscious. Along with the lack of hours of sleep, it has also been found that many walks outside the home are associated with spontaneous unhealthy eating. The result of this is a violation of the quality of sleep and body weight.

– And how to avoid this?

and eat a balanced diet. Protein and a variety of vegetables must always be present in the diet. This diet keeps you feeling full longer and helps you stay energized throughout the day. It will also help prevent nighttime snacking.

– The Israeli summer is also characterized by an abundance of fresh and juicy fruits. Are there any restrictions on their consumption?

– Fruits provide the body with vitamins and minerals. Their use promotes longevity and prevents inflammatory processes. The soluble fiber found in fruits is food for our intestinal bacteria.

It is worth remembering that fruits also contain a lot of fruit sugar (fructose). Therefore, people suffering from obesity, diabetes, excess blood lipids and fatty liver should pay attention to the amount of fruit consumed. Portion size is also important.
We should be especially careful with fruits that we eat not individually (watermelon, melon, grapes…), because it is easy to overdo it with them. So how do you know what your individual sugar intake is? Seek advice from a qualified dietitian. After all, we have already mentioned that the main recommendation – it's a personalized diet.


Maccabi members who receive a referral to a dietitian from a doctor as a result of a certain test, pay only 30 shekels for a consultation.

List of such diagnoses: extreme obesity, heart diseases, oncological diseases, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, hypertension, eating disorders, diabetes mellitus (during pregnancy, including smoking cessation, instruction on nutrition for children.

Maccabi members without a medical diagnosis pay NIS 150 for the first meeting with a nutritionist and NIS 60 for each subsequent meeting. based on our gut microflora (microbiome).

For example, “Maccabi walked” and «Maccabi zaav» enable insurance holders who have type 2 diabetes to get a referral to a microbiome study called DayTwo. This test will determine the exact amount of fruit you can eat while maintaining a balanced sugar level.

For members of the Maccabi Sheli; and «Maccabi zaav» with type 2 diabetes, the price of the test is subsidized.

They can also visit a nutritionist for a quarterly fee of NIS 30.

Taking care of your health is much easier with Maccabi! Sign up now: https://bit.ly/maccabi_summer

now, the actual transition will take place on May 15th. And the next transition – 2 months later.

– In summer, appetite decreases, and because of the heat, we constantly feel thirsty. What drinks can help us lead a healthy lifestyle?

– Water makes up about 60 percent of a person's body weight. If we don't drink enough, our metabolism will slow down by about 25%, bowel activity will decrease, and stool frequency will decrease.

Water plays an important role in the regulation of digestive processes. In addition, it promotes satiety, helps absorb nutrients, eliminate toxins and even improve sleep quality.

Sugary drinks contain 6 to 8 teaspoons of sugar per glass. They contribute to weight gain, imbalance in blood sugar, and cause tooth decay. It is not recommended to use them constantly.

What is better to drink?

This is where nature comes to the rescue! In summer, during the season of fresh vegetables and fruits, we can make a tasty and healthy drink on our own, add lemon and fresh mint to drinking water, frozen berries, vegetables such as cucumber, which improve the taste of water. A personal bottle that will always be with you, – a great solution to keep hydrated and save money!

– What advice would you give to parents of children and teenagers?

– In the summer, when children are on vacation, sleep and activity hours change, physical activity decreases, and children tend to spend the whole day in front of the computer.

Tip for keeping your kids in shape: Prepare meals for them ahead of time, develop a structured daily routine, and together set the number of hours they're allowed to spend in front of a screen.

– Sport and a healthy lifestyle are closely related. If we want to add physical activity to our lives, where is the best place to do sports in the summer – outdoors or indoors with air conditioning?

– Sports exercises strengthen muscles, stimulate metabolism, prevent various diseases such as diabetes, and reduce inflammation. Regular exercise can improve mood and improve memory.

Nature walks – This is also a form of useful physical activity. When it's hot and humid outside, you can go for a night out under the moon, and during the day, walk on the water, it's very refreshing.

Of course, if you want to do more active sports, such as in the gym, in the hot season, it is better to do it under air conditioning.

In conclusion, I want to wish you a pleasant summer filled with joy, and of course, good health.
It is best to start sports activities with an experienced coach – it is a conscious approach. The trainer will select a program specifically for your needs and help you achieve the necessary results in the right time, while not causing harm to the body.

12 lessons with a coach are required per year – individual or in a small comfortable group (up to 3 people), only 24 shekels per session.

In addition, since meetings with a nutritionist without a medical referral can be burdensome for the wallet, Maccabi Sheli it is possible to replace 2 sessions with a trainer for 2 consultations of a specialist in proper nutrition. Sometimes this is enough to adjust your diet.

To get detailed information about the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund, as well as to go or sign up for the first time, you can follow the link. Just leave your details, and the cashier's representatives will contact you and do everything necessary https://bit.ly/maccabi_summer

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