Propagandist of Putin “praised” the Ukrainian is blowing after about Crimea: “well Done”

Пропагандист Путина «похвалил» украинский дует после слов о Крыме: «Молодцы»

The propaganda of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin Olga Skobeeva praised Ukrainian Duo after scandalous interview to one of the channels

She announced this on his page in the social network.

“Not just did not recognize the “aggression” of Russia – the coolest way was held during the boorish anti-Russian interview. Well done,” the message reads.

Пропагандист Путина «похвалил» украинский дует после слов о Крыме: «Молодцы»

Pay attention that the incident has caused a storm disturbances from users of the network.

“The tank was bubbling up indignantly”, “glug glug glug”, “peck”, “of course, there is no aggression. A BTR can be purchased at any Voentorg”, “it’s simple – they hope the Russian voices”, “who would not talk about the boorish interviews and from the drain barrel is ridiculous,” “heard to divert water”, “hold your husband – time and silence”, “boorish interview Olga knows a lot about,” they write.

As previously reported, to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest in 2019 may well be two girls with Pro-Russian views.

We are talking about favorites National selection for Eurovision-2019, duet ANNA MARIA. They gave scandalous interview to the journalist Roman Skrypin, which declared that “war in Ukraine”, and also refused to recognize the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

In the Studio, the girls said that “Ukraine is not waging war with Russia, and the conflict is just the name of ATO”.

As for their position on Crimea, Anna and Maria noted that “Ukraine has lost the Peninsula,” they do not believe that it is occupied by the Russian Federation.

The position they showed so, saying that “they are not politicians, and to answer such questions will not be”.

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“In Ukraine no war with Russia, it is called ATO. And anyway, what do you ask? Look, we are not members of the Secretariat of the President to answer that. We don’t discuss politics, we are musicians. The question of war ask the politicians, not us,” disgraced the statement of ANNA MARIA.

Пропагандист Путина «похвалил» украинский дует после слов о Крыме: «Молодцы»

Recall Serduchka will perform at the Eurovision song contest.

We also wrote that Danilko suddenly appealed to Ukrainians because of Eurovision.

Even politeka reported that KAZKA caught in a scandal on the selection of the Eurovision song contest.

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