Promoter shared details of the battle Mustache – Povetkin: “it Will be amazing”

Промоутер поделился подробностями боя Усик - Поветкин: "Будет потрясающе»

The absolute world champion Alexander Usyk gets reaction to the proposal for the duel from the Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin

This was announced by the promoter of the Ukrainian Director of the company K2 Alexander Krasyuk.

The Russian side did get an offer to fight and within a few days of them waiting for a response.

Промоутер поделился подробностями боя Усик - Поветкин: "Будет потрясающе»

Krasyuk said that the previously announced fee Poveda three million dollars is not true.

Most likely, this figure will be much more because of the name and expertise this boxer.

“Everything is very simple. We made an offer Povetkin, now waiting for his reaction. We should get a response today or tomorrow.

I do not understand, where did the figure of three million. It’s a rumor. Also don’t know what confuses Povetkin. He’s not a young boxer that only started Boxing, and an experienced athlete. All he needs now is to spend a couple of major battles. He knows the level of the Mustache, knows the risks”.

Also Krasyuk believes that this fight will be very interesting to the American public.

“Of course, this fight will be popular in America. The demand will be. Chicago is one of the largest Ukrainian Diaspora – there are hundreds of thousands of lives. We forget that Mustache fighter of the year by seven organizations, including the American. It’s not just a fight – a tremendous fight. Heavyweight title – super-event”, — quotes the words of Krasukha Today.

Промоутер поделился подробностями боя Усик - Поветкин: "Будет потрясающе»

Earlier we wrote that the Russian boxer Povetkin aleksadr does not exclude the option for the fight against absolute world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik. That such a fight took place, Povetkin needs to recover after surgery on hand.

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The promoter of Russians are not confident in the victory of his client, as the Tendril is now in the best shape. At the moment, the side of Povetkin’s thinking on the organization of this contest.

“While I can say that this fight is possible, but you can’t say everything is solved. This project, and we are now thinking about organizing such a match. There are several options, including the fight against whiskers. Alexander recovered, recovering, all goes well.

It is for that reason that we are confused in the fight with the Mustache. Now Povetkin should get in shape after surgery,” said the head of the promotion company World of Boxing Andrey Ryabinsky.

Recall that the expert estimated the chances of the Barbel in superteach: “it’s too early to go to Joshua.”

As reported Politeka previously revealed the secret to winning Moustache: “the Fat champion bring exclusive”.

Politeka also wrote that Vladimir Klitschko’s chances of Usyk in the heavyweight division.

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