Prominent Lion's Den militants surrender to PA authorities

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 Prominent “Lion's Den” militants surrendered to PA authorities

More action from the “Lion's Den” in Nablus have surrendered to the Palestinian Authority as the Israeli army continues its operations to eliminate the group in various areas of the PA.

Muhammad Tabanja, who surrendered to the PA on October 31, joined four other militants who surrendered after a military operation carried out by the Israeli army against a group in the Old City of Nablus. The operation killed five Palestinians, including the leader of the “Lion's Den”; Wadih al-Huh. This happened the day after the death of another commander of the group, Tamer al-Kilani, as a result of an explosion.

have been going on for months to convince them to surrender to the PA and avoid Israeli persecution. Israel has warned the PA that it will eliminate these fighters following increased attacks on the Israeli army and settlers in and around Nablus.

The Palestinian Security Service is offering the group's fighters who wish to surrender protection from IDF harassment or arrest and employment in the security services. 13 fighters of the group surrendered to the PA are being held in the Jnaid prison in Nablus under the protection of the Palestinian security services.

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