Prohibition of prostitution: a year after the law was passed

Prohibition of prostitution: a year after the law was passed

On Histadrut Boulevard in Haifa, near the Lev Khamifratz shopping center, there is a two-story building with two entrances. A locked steel door with no signage with a surveillance camera. Those who do not know will not guess that there is a brothel behind a closed door. Channel 12 journalists conducted their own investigation.

& ldquo; Yes, there is a brothel, so what? & Rdquo; – confirms the owner of the workshop or shop on the street. “ Maybe I'm married and I'm not cheating on my wife, but I used to go here and have fun. ''

“The Histadrut is home to the oldest escort agencies,” says a Haifa-based taxi driver. “More and more Arab women have been working there lately.”

A clinic serving women in prostitution notes in its 2020 activity report that “ continues to grow and this year it was 35% compared to 30% in 2019, the next on the list are women from the CIS countries – 27%.

“This is part of a larger process of human trafficking in modern slavery,” says Orly (a pseudonym). “ Women come to Israel for a few months, then go to Dubai or Italy and from time to time visit their country of origin where they have families to support. They usually enter the industry at a very early age. Today, there is no longer a need to bring women in by force, as it was in the early 2000s, because the poverty is so great that they even come without being forced. They also should not be forced to stay. There will always be those who wish. ”

In theory, this conversation should not have taken place. Exactly one year has passed since then-Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana signed an order enacting the Prohibition of Prostitution Law. No one thought that the law passed in the Knesset in summer 2020 would suddenly eliminate prostitution in Israel – the law itself defines its purpose as “ reducing prostitution. '' And you need to be very optimistic or naive to talk about reducing the phenomenon.

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