Professor: “We must prepare for the worst”


Professor Nimrod Maimon, Senior Specialist in the Department of Pediatric Pulmonology and Therapy, Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva, expressed concern about the spread of the Omicron strain in Israel.

This is reported by the portal “ Arutz Sheva. ''

“ We are at the beginning of a very steep rise – the numbers will be very high. We know there will be outbreaks. We must first prepare for the worst. We already understand that we will have many infections. We will have a very difficult month or a month and a half, '' Maimon said.

At the same time, the professor added that despite the expected difficult period, Israel has some advantages that were not present during the previous waves of coronavirus.

“The population is vaccinated, Omicron is showing itself less virulent than previous versions, and we have a cure. We have a lot of tools to fight the pandemic, ”the doctor emphasized.

In addition, Nimrod Maimon commented on the government’s policy regarding the fight against the new wave:“ Nobody gives up. We are smarter and understand that lodowns will not help. Close everything for a month. What will happen next? Omicron is here & quot ;.

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