Professor: “The problems of hospitals are forgotten with the fall in the incidence”


Professor Dror Mevorah, head of the COVID department at the Hadassah Medical Center, said hospitals in Israel have been neglected in recent decades. According to him, the Ministry of Health neglected hospitals and failed to prepare a long-term response to the pandemic.

According to Ynet.

“They had two years to try to fix everything, but very little has been done for internal medicine departments, intensive care units and the lack of medical staff. There was no long-term planning, only temporary fixes. These are long-term issues that are difficult to address during a health crisis like this, and are often forgotten once the incidence drops,” the medic emphasized. world by the end of the pandemic.

“I don't know what that claim is based on, I don't think the data supports it. A new variant may develop into a separate wave, and new variants may appear at any moment. We hope that we will have a two-three month break between waves, but we are not sure about that,” Mevorakh said.

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