Professional athletes from Russia began to fall under the mobilization

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 Professional athletes from Russia began to fall under mobilization

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Today it became known that 37-year-old football player Diniyar Bilyaletdinov received the summons. He, in particular, played for Lokomotiv, the English Everton and the Russian national team.
His father, coach Rinat Bilyaletdinov, said: “He will not run, buy tickets to Kazakhstan or Turkey. He will go to the draft board, he will not run away.

Ex-midfielder of the Dynamo football club and the Russian national team, 48-year-old Sergei Grishin found a summons in the mailbox. He does not know what to do: he had to arrive by 9.00, but he saw the summons only at 13.00 of the same day.

President of the Russian Cycling Federation Vyacheslav Ekimov said that three athletes and one coach received the summons. The Federation is working on a postponement for them.

The situation is similar in the Figure Skating Federation. Skaters 22-year-old Dmitry Aliev and 23-year-old Makar Ignatov received subpoenas.

Commentator Dmitry Guberniev writes that three biathletes “of the level of the Russian national team” received subpoenas.

At the Ministry of Sports The Russian Federation has set up an operational headquarters to cooperate with the Ministry of Defense.

In Ukraine, about 2,000 professional athletes voluntarily went to war (this is the data of the country's Ministry of Sports at the end of summer). More than a hundred athletes died in battles and under shelling of cities. Among them are kickboxer Nikolai Zabavchuk, multiple champion in sports dancing Daria Kurdel, football player of Dynamo Kyiv and Israeli “Maccabi” Sergei Balanchuk.

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