Prof. Shmuel Shapira: I made a mistake 3 times: at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd vaccination

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 Prof. Shmuel Shapira: I got it wrong 3 times: 1st, 2nd th and 3rd vaccine

Former head of the Israel Biological Institute Professor Shmuel Shapira spoke about the Pfizer vaccine in an interview on Israeli TV channel 12. The professor was interviewed after posting a scandalous tweet: “I made a mistake 3 times: on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd shots.”

The professor said: “I doubt that that Pfizer developed meets the definition of “graft”. This is something that gives maybe partial effectiveness for maybe 3 months, a drug that has a lot of side effects and severe side effects, and maybe people have lost their lives because of it, they are trying whitewash it.
There are publications from all over the world about inflammation of the heart muscle that is associated with this vaccine, inflammation of the heart muscle is sometimes a fatal disease, this is what harms young people, there are serious neurological diseases…”

The professor also said that the Biological Institute “developed a good vaccine”, but the project was stopped “due to bureaucratic reasons”.

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