Private “open air cinema” in Milan against the corona blues

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Private “open air cinema” in Milan against the corona blues

A couple of friends, a projector and a closed roller door. It doesn’t take much to bring back the magic of cinema. But “open air cinema” in Milan on the street is something very special in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dazu Initiator Lorenzo Alliata Nobili:

“After two years of the pandemic, I wanted to meet everyone on the street with no curfews or restrictions. It’s one way of breaking the barriers.”

The idea is simple and organizing the open-air cinema evenings is not difficult either. Everyone helps, brings food, drinks and the technical equipment and the nearby bar provides electricity and chairs. The main thing is to meet and enjoy watching a film together.

“There are many ways to combat the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and to lead a normal life again. This young cinema lover has found a rather unusual, if romantic, way to do it. He has decided that cinema is aimed at the people Road and give them the opportunity to meet again and be together “

“It was a completely normal evening, we were sitting in a bar and I can’t remember exactly, but we just wanted to see a movie. We were just about to go home and see it, but then we didn’t feel like leaving. Then Lorenzo came up with the idea of ​​bringing his projector from home and asking the bar owner to use his electricity “.

The passers-by stopped, attracted by the beam of light projected against a shutter. Some of them joined in, and what was just a different way of seeing a few friends at first soon became something completely different.

“We, the young people, feel the urge to meet on the street, talk to each other and finally have a normal life. A life that consists of real interpersonal relationships, not zoom meetings and streaming movies.” .

The cinema program includes some of the most famous Italian comedies from the last few decades. Humor meets the taste of everyone who longs for normality.


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