PrivatBank was in the center of the scandal with the settlers: “one of the third grade”

ПриватБанк оказался в центре скандала с переселенцами: «человек третьего сорта»

Client Privat told of an embarrassing incident that happened to her after communicating with representatives of the Bank

State Bank in its mobile characteristic manner, told a disgruntled client about the service “Payment parts”. Client under the name 98809956 shared his story about working with the Bank and was obviously very upset by the behavior of the employees of PrivatBank. Review client left the Ministry of Finance.

Client told that since 2014 lives in Kiev. Registration she of Donetsk. All this time the woman used the service “Payment parts” and credit card PrivatBank. She was a good customer, she did not have any overdue payments.

ПриватБанк оказался в центре скандала с переселенцами: «человек третьего сорта»

ПриватБанк оказался в центре скандала с переселенцами: «человек третьего сорта»

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On 21 January, the Ukrainian tried to arrange to pay by installments. At that received an unexpected response — the service is not available. She immediately tried to contact the operator in the personal chat. And got a rude response: “you Have Donbass registration”. The client of the Bank’s such an unpleasant situation, she even hinted that Bank employees are residents of the Donbass, as people of the “third class”.

“And nobody cares impeccable credit history, registration and accommodation in Kiev for several years. Donbass residence — one of the third grade. Yes, PrivatBank?”, — says the woman.

The representative of PrivatBank concerned about the customer’s application and immediately apologized. PrivatBank also explained the features of the service “Payment parts”.

“Let me explain You the situation: the Bank decides on the size limit for the service and to provide it on the basis of a mathematical model, which is based on hundreds or even thousands of indicators. The results of the next conversion of this model, the Bank was forced to reconsider its decision on the size of Your limit on the “Pay by installments”. In case you change your mind, You will be additionally notified by the Bank.”

ПриватБанк оказался в центре скандала с переселенцами: «человек третьего сорта»

Also earlier it was reported that four clients of PrivatBank from the city of Lozovaya of Kharkiv region became the victims of swindlers.

The last in the period 4.05.2018 for 5.05.2018 deprived customers of the Bank and personal loan funds. About its history on the website of the Ministry of Finance has shared one of the affected customers Igor Babkin.

“We all wrote statements to the police and six weeks later the investigator told us that they found a cheater. Seized during the search of approximately 500 sim cards and around 30 credit. The con man (woman) pleaded guilty. The moderators can provide us with the number of criminal production”, — writes the client.

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced with the missing money.

As reported Politeka, Privat is caught in a scandal.

Also Politeka wrote that Privat disgraced with the disappearance of the money.

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