Prisoners staged a new riot in the prison

Prisoners staged a new prison riot

On Thursday, September 23, in the Ktsiot prison in the Negev, dozens of prisoners staged a riot.

This is reported by The Jerusalem Post with reference to the Arab media.

It is clarified that more than 80 Islamic Jihad terrorists who are serving sentences in an Israeli correctional institution are rioting.

They, in particular, demand that the conditions of their detention, which were established before the six prisoners escaped from Gilboa prison.

This is not the first riot in Kziot. In early September, prisoners set fire to several cells, and prisoners in other places of serving their sentences refused to transfer them to other prisons.

It should be noted that by September 19, all six fugitives from Gilboa were caught. At first, four of them were detained. Capturing the remaining two & ndash; Islamic Jihad terrorists & ndash; dragged on for more than a week.

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