Prisoners posted online footage of a riot in Odessa colony. Video

Заключенные выложили в Сети кадры бунта в одесской колонии. Видео

The video shows that prisoners dismantle metal structures and build in the colony the barricades.

Inmates have posted videos of the riots in the southern penal colony №51 in Odessa.

The video shows that they dismantle metal structures and building barricades, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

Note that according to the local newspaper, the reason for the rebellion — poor power quality and disturbances in the colony was brewing all last week.

“Five days ago there wounded with a knife or sharpening of the employee who is responsible for extended visits. After that such date was canceled. In addition, abolished the common meals in the dining room. People began to protest. Then the chief of the Odessa criminal-Executive service of the Eugene Lenevo promised them “exercises” forces, that is a massacre. “Exercise” was scheduled for today, here are the prisoners and decided to warn them of rebellion,” — said a source in law enforcement bodies.

In the police area report that the events in Odessa colony police initiated criminal proceedings. According to preliminary information, during the events of damage received four employees of the colony, they were given medical assistance. No fatalities.

“To stabilize the situation which has developed on the territory of penal institutions in Odessa, established a headquarters consisting of representatives of various power structures. Currently the situation is fully controlled by law enforcement. The instigators of the unrest is isolated, the prisoners are being negotiated,” — said the police.

The riot in Odessa colony: there was a fire and a mass escape. Video

They added that after localization of the fire resulting from the ignition of the car, will start the investigative team of the police.

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