Prison pimp case: investigation to be reopened

Prison pimp case: investigation will be reopened

State Attorney Amit Eisman announced that he decided to reopen the investigation into the pimping case at Gilboa Prison.

Lawyer Eyal Basarglik, representing the accused officer, said that & ldquo ; in the past, the investigation was thoroughly closed. There is no basis for a new wave of rumors. In any case, my client, an outstanding officer, will continue to do his job in good faith and defend the security of the State of Israel, and his truth, which is the only one, will be published. ”

Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev said after Prosecutors' statements that “ Immediately after the publication of the new testimony in the Gilboa Prison case, I turned to the Attorney General with a recommendation to reopen the investigation, which was done. New evidence has been collected on the case. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath to count to ten and just do the right thing. ”

As you may recall, the case was first exposed three years ago by Liran Levy, who revealed that the prison service was at the request of the inmates. the terrorists were placed in the security departments of female security guards who were undergoing compulsory service. The prisoners demanded specific guards who were abused and sexually harassed.
The penitentiary service denied everything and called these statements “ nonsense ''.

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