Princess Diana hated the Royal family: “the main enemy”

Принцессу Диану возненавидели в королевской семье: «главные враги»

Princess Diana hated the Royal family all because of one TV interview

His Lady Di gave two years before his tragic death in Paris.

The interview, which was viewed 15 million people have shocked the whole of Britain and greatly angered members of the Royal family. In it Diana openly talked about “love triangles” is about the relationship between her husband Prince Charles ‘ mistress Camilla Bowles and even of her affair with officer James Hewitt. Also it has passed the roller according to Charles, saying that he is unlikely to become a worthy ruler.

Принцессу Диану возненавидели в королевской семье: «главные враги»

Talking Diana with journalist Martin Bashir in the broadcast of BBC Panorama. Interestingly, to announce the transfer began on the day of the birth of Prince Charles November 14. But it turned out the program on the screens at the 48th wedding anniversary of Elizabeth II and Philip, who, for obvious reasons, be blurred because of the scandal.

The reputation of the Royal house of Diana’s revelations have caused significant damage. The British began to reflect on whether the monarchy.

After the broadcast a woman was “the object of hatred of the Royal family”. Diana herself said that after she broke off her relationship with Charles, her life turned into hell, and relatives of the spouse for her “main enemies”.

Oil poured into the fire, and the eldest son of Charles and Diana Prince William. He was very angry recognition of the mother and even call her and say what he thinks. “The Prince has said that he will never forgive her for what she did,” said one of the British journalists.

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But Diana just wanted to be happy…

As previously reported, the American journalist managed to track down the man, triggering a deadly crash that killed Lady Di.

Colin McLaren has published his investigation in the publication of the National Enquire. Recall that the Princess died in Paris on 31 August 1997. She rode along with the driver Henry Field’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones and 42-summer Dodi al fayeed, who is the lover of the royals.

Mercedes collided with a concrete structure, with the result that almost all the people died. Death overtook Diana in the hospital two hours after the accident. The doctors were powerless.

Принцессу Диану возненавидели в королевской семье: «главные враги»

Managed to survive only bodyguard. However, he has not told the media about the incident, citing the loss of memory. Only 22 years McClaren was able to find out more information about the tragedy. The source confirmed the rumors of a white Fiat Uno car which was noticed at the scene.

As it turned out, driving a car drove a taxi driver of Vietnamese descent, Le van Thanh. The driver was first admitted to a journalist in the formal murder of Princess Diana. He stated that he clipped the Mercedes near the tunnel. This led to the accident.

Immediately after the accident, Le van Thanh repainted his car red. The man denied involvement in the crime during interrogation. Now, he told reporters that law enforcement officers intentionally withheld the details of the incident in the interests of France. The authorities decided not to disclose that the inhabitants of the country involved in the death of a British Princess.

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In the end, the crash was ruled an accident by the fault of the driver of Princess Diana.

Recall that the network got an unknown photo with Princess Diana lit up with a stranger.

As reported Politeka, Prince Harry is forced to abandon family traditions for the couple Meghan Markle.

Also Politeka wrote that Kate Middleton will go the way of Princess Diana.

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