Prince William spoke about the rivalry between his eldest children – George and Charlotte

Принц Уильям рассказал о соперничестве своих старших детей - Джорджа и Шарлотты

Prince William spoke about the rivalry between his eldest children – George and Charlotte
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During football games the brother says to his sister: “I’m better than you”.

37-year-old Prince William had a meeting with winners of the annual award of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace. During the conversation, the Duke of Cambridge talked about the relationship between his older children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. This writes the Express.

As it turned out, the heirs of Kate Middleton and Prince William often compete with each other. One of the stories he shared with the media 14-year-old award winner Olivia Hancock, who won the award for work to promote gender equality in football.

– I chatted with Prince William and he said that while playing soccer with his daughter Charlotte often is the goalkeeper. George sometimes says to her then: “Charlotte, I’m better than you”. Then the Duke says to his son: “George, Charlotte can be just as good at this as you are,” he told Olivia.

The girl added that she was very pleased to learn that Prince William is raising children in isolation from gender stereotypes and teaches them to treat each other with respect.

By the WAY

The Duke of Cambridge told about the sports achievements of their children

Since childhood, Prince William and Kate teach children to regular exercise. In addition to ballet and fencing, George and Charlotte’s keen on swimming.

According to Duke, the eldest son and daughter have quite a good hold on the water. Sporting success year-old Prince Louis is too early to say, but he and his parents already attend music classes.


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