Prince Harry recalls meeting with rabbi after 'Nazi scandal'

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 Prince Harry remembered meeting with the rabbi after the "Nazi scandal"

Prince Harry, in his sensational memoirs Spare he remembered how his father sent him to the then Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Jonathan Sacks.

This happened when he was 20 years old, in 2005, after a scandal broke out around him.

Harry showed up to the costume party wearing a Nazi uniform and a swastika. Photos of him in this suit with a drink and a cigarette in his hands hit the front pages of newspapers, causing a scandal.

“Father sent me to a holy man. 51 years old, bearded, glasses, with deep wrinkles on the face and wise eyes. An outstanding scientist, religious philosopher, prolific writer who wrote more than two dozen books. He spent many days looking out the window and thinking about the root causes of sadness, evil, hatred. He was not stingy with his words. He condemned my actions,” Harry recalled.

According to him, Rabbi Sachs reminded him of the six million Jews, Poles, dissidents, exterminated by the Nazis, talking about the stupidity of the prince's act.

“Intellectuals, homosexuals, children, babies, old people turned into ashes and smoke. I came to him in shame. I felt something else, bottomless self-hatred. But that was not the purpose of the rabbi. He definitely didn't want me to be left devastated by a mistake. He wanted me to be motivated. He spoke to me with a quality that is often found in really wise people: forgiveness. He assured me that people do stupid things, but it doesn't have to be in their nature. He said that I was showing my true nature, seeking to atone for guilt,” Harry added.

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