Prince Harry has advised Meghan Markle to forget about the mistress of the father: “It is not important”

Принц Гарри посоветовал Меган Маркл забыть о любовнице отца: «Она не важна»

Meghan Markle didn’t like members of the Royal family

Megan is in conflict with the second wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

71-year-old Camille defiantly doesn’t communicate with his wife Prince Harry’s Meghan Markle. Eyewitnesses say the Duchess Chornoliska to the 37-year-old Megan belongs with snobbery and not even trying to be friendly and polite with a new relative.

Принц Гарри посоветовал Меган Маркл забыть о любовнице отца: «Она не важна»

The Duchess of Sussex several times tried to make peace with the stepmother of Prince Harry, but all her attempts were in vain. Apparently, Camille firmly disliked daughter-in-law and not even hide it.

Moreover, Parker-Bowles even allows barbs against Megan. “This is real life, and you’re not an actress on the stage,” she once said to the wife of his younger stepson.

Camille hinted that the former actress Markle should be more natural, since she isn’t starring in the next series of the show.

Rumor has it that offended Megan even complained Harry at the behavior of his mother. But he advised just the behavior of a stepmother not to pay any attention. Harry insists on calling Camilla a mistress of his father and believes she doesn’t deserve to be his wife was so worried.

“She’s not important,” soothed Harry, Megan, alluding to the fact that the need to focus on the pregnancy and future motherhood.

Note that Megan gets not only from her husband’s relatives, but from their own. So, her sister had accused Megan of lying and promised to reveal the people the whole truth.

So, Samantha Markle in his Twitter announced the release of his second book titled “In the shadow of the Duchess-2”. In it, she denied allegations that he and Megan were never close.

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Принц Гарри посоветовал Меган Маркл забыть о любовнице отца: «Она не важна»

Sister of the Duchess of Sussex has promised to provide photos that show how close was with her sister and her father. “You will like some of the photos in my book to refute any of your nasty gossip with trolls that we had no life together,” said Samantha.

She also turned to Megan with a call to accept the fact of their relationship and take the test on the lie detector.

“I’m your sister, even if you don’t like it very much. Take it! I think that each of us must pass a test on the lie detector,” wrote a relative of the Duchess.

Recall that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stunned by the news of childbirth: “They are large and flexible.”

As reported Politeka, pregnant Megan Markle decided to visit Africa.

Also Politeka wrote that the message of Meghan Markle insulted “night butterfly”.

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