Prince Albert: ‘Charlène will return to Monaco soon’ | Royals

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Prince Albert: ‘Charlène will return to Monaco soon’ | Royals

In conversation with RMC radio informs Prince Albert that his wife is still in South Africa, but that she will “return to Monaco soon”.

“She’s doing better,” he continues. “In a few days we will take stock with the doctors. It was not an easy period for Charlène, as she faced several problems at the same time.”


Charlène was rushed to a hospital in South Africa last month after she collapsed. Not long before, the princess had had surgery in her native country for an infection of her ears, nose and throat. The hospitalization would have to do with a complication of that operation. On Sunday, she shared a photo of herself on Instagram for the first time since being hospitalized.

Prince Albert and their two children Jacques and Gabriella have visited the princess twice since May in the African country. It is whispered that Albert and Charlène’s marriage is in dire straits.

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