Prigozhin stood up for Pugacheva

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 Prigozhin stood up for Pugacheva

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Russian producer Iosif Prigogine stood up for singer Alla Pugacheva, who has recently been harassed with her husband Maxim Galkin.

foul language, when people try to belittle all those who have ever had merit. Alla Pugacheva left the stage and announced it publicly, deciding to devote her life to little children. And to engage in insulting parents – the lowest. This suggests that it is not she who is bad, but those who have stooped to insults. Those who make the departed consider traitors are the same scoundrels, & ndash; said Prigozhin in a commentary for the Russian edition of

The producer believes that the artist should be left alone.

hatred, what kind of negativity towards her? Yesterday they bowed to the ground, but today they hate. She doesn’t touch you, so leave her alone, & ndash; he added.

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