Prigozhin acknowledged the creation of PMC “Wagner”

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 Prigozhin acknowledged the creation of Wagner PMC

Evgeny Prigozhin, an entrepreneur and owner of the Concorde company, admitted that in 2014 he created a group that was later called the private military company (PMC) Wagner. His comment was posted on the company's official VKontakte account.

According to the businessman, the PMC was created by him in the spring of 2014, “when the genocide of the Russian population of Donbass began.”

Prigozhin clarified that, like many other businessmen, he went to the training grounds where the “Cossacks” gathered, and tried to recruit a group that “would go and protect the Russians.” However, realizing that these people are not suitable for him, the owner of “Concorde” I did it myself.

“I cleaned the old weapons myself, figured out the bulletproof vests myself and found specialists who could help me with this. From that moment, on May 1, 2014, a group of patriots was born, which later acquired the name of the battalion tactical group (BTG) "Wagner", — quotes Prigozhin's press service.

These guys, according to Prigozhin, are “the mainstay of Russian patriotism.”

“These brave guys who knew only one thing – to fight , protect the disadvantaged, stand to the death on the side of goodness and justice”, — he pointed out, talking about the creation of the Wagner PMC.

Prior to this, Prigozhin officially denied involvement in the Wagner PMC. and filed lawsuits against the media that posted messages about the connection of the group with the businessman.

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