Price btchina closer to 15 thousand dollars

During the year the first cryptocurrency has risen 14 times.

Ціна біткойна наблизилася до 15 тисяч доларів

Course btchina Thursday, December 7, close to the mark in 15 000 dollars, reports Rus.Media.

As of 9:30 Thursday course btchina was 14 773 USD. In this case, capitalization exceeded 247 billion dollars. For comparison, the current capitalization of the first cryptanalytic comparable to the market value of an American multinational company Visa (248,9 billion dollars).

Note that in recent days the bitcoin price increased by 17%, and for the last seven days its price has grown more than 40%. Since the beginning of the year, the first cryptocurrency has increased about 14 times.

Amid such a rapid rise btchina is growing and the total market capitalization of cryptanalytic, which is very close to the mark of $ 400 billion.

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