Preparing for an escalation: reserve police companies are being formed in mixed cities

News » Arab-Israeli conflict Prepare for Escalation: Reserve Police Companies Formed in Mixed Cities

Materials received by the Knesset National Security Committee indicate that police have trained and funded a company of citizen volunteers from Lod who will form a special reserve unit as part of the preparation of the police for the possibility of unrest in the city during the month of Ramadan. Israel during Operation Wall Guard.

We are talking about several dozen volunteers, all residents of Lod, who served in combat units of the army, whom the police have trained and trained in recent months.

a consideration in forming the unit was the realization of a lack of personnel in situations of this nature and the understanding that civilian volunteer forces trained and associated with the police can fill this gap, especially in the early hours and in the time required to transfer police from other places.

It follows from the materials of the committee that there is an intention to reproduce this model in other mixed cities.

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