Preparing for an earthquake in Israel: a detachment of dogs will help save people

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 Preparing for an earthquake in Israel: a squad of dogs will help save people< /p>

Earthquakes in Turkey, several aftershocks that were felt yesterday in Israel, and recent rocket attacks on Israel have served as stark reminders of the need to be prepared for disaster in advance.

Therefore, the Israel Canine Unit (IDU), a non-profit organization specializing in search and rescue, is focusing on training working dogs to find people under the rubble and bring rescuers to their location in any building collapse scenario. Efforts to prepare for an impending earthquake have been recently underpinned by a working meeting with the IDF Home Front Command to integrate the IDU into any national disaster response effort.

It has long warned of the possibility of a major seismic event in Israel due to the country's proximity to the Syrian-African Rift. Graphic footage from Turkey highlights the speed and extent to which such an earthquake could level buildings, leaving everyone inside under the rubble.

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