Premier League: “Shakhtar” defeated “Mariupol”, “dawn” dealt with “Alexandria”

УПЛ: «Шахтер» разбил «Мариуполь», «Заря» справилась с «Александрией»

Matches in Kharkov and Zaporozhye completed the 31-th round of the championship of Ukraine on football.

Shakhtar reserve team in the second half has achieved
a crushing victory over the “Mariupol”. The unexpected hero of the match was the author of a hat-trick
Dentinho, who due to staffing problems “miners” spent the match on the edge
attack. Aunt to assist added his fourth goal in the last three
matches, and Butko the emergence of the basis noted two assists.

In the Shakhtar’s first team debut Anatoliy Trubin. The first match
17-year-old goalkeeper in the adult t-shirt turned out to be a good – “Mariupol” for all
the match had just one shot on target hosts.

Shakhtar Donetsk — Mariupol 4:0

Scorers: Dentinho, 52, 57, 80, Aunt, 78

Miner: Trubin — Butko, Kryvtsov, Ordets, Matvienko — Marcos Antonio Stepanenko (Kovalenko, 82) — Tete, Solomon (Marlos, 69), Fernando (Cipriano, 73) — Dentinho.

Mariupol: Galchuk — Gorbunov (Peterman, 67), Dawa, Bulls, Polehenko — Fedorchuk, Mishnev (Belokon, 62), Putrya, Tishchenko, Vakula — Fomin (Bull, 76).

“Dawn” due to the strong-willed victory over the “Alexandria” close
closer to the fourth position, giving the right to start in the third round
qualifications of the Europa League. The key moment of the match came in the 44th minute with the score
1:1 Lunev picked up the ball after an unsuccessful shot of Silas and coolly drove the ball
between the legs of the goalkeeper.

To defend fourth place, “dawn” will be on may 30 in away
the match against “Mariupol”. In this match wards Yuri Vernidub not enough
to lose.

Dawn — Alexandria 3:1

Goals: Gromov, 29, Lunev, 44, Khomchenovskyy, 68 — Long

Dawn: Shevchenko — Tymchuk, Vernidub, White, Mickle — Silas, Tchaikovsky — Karavaev, Lunev (Bondage, 71), Khomchenovskyy — Gromov (I., 88).

Alexandria: Rudyk — Fedorchuk, Mikita, Boboglo, Starikov (Masta, 57) — Long Grechishkin, Dedechko (BANADA, 79) — Sexton, Protasov (Sitalo, 72), Booze.

Warning: Vernidub, Gromov, Tchaikovsky, Silas —
Grechishkin, Fedorchuk, Booze, Boboglo.

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