Pregnant Jewish woman miraculously survives fall from cliff at Niagara Falls

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 A pregnant Jewish woman miraculously survived a fall from a cliff at Niagara Falls< /p>

A pregnant Jewess, a member of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement, miraculously survived after slipping and falling off a sheer cliff at Niagara Falls. According to, it happened earlier this week when she was walking with her husband and children. A woman fell over 15 meters on the Canadian side of the falls. “I was walking in front with one of the children, when suddenly my daughter comes up to me and shouts:” Mom fell off the cliff. If you saw this sheer cliff, you would think that it's all over,” her husband admitted. The man called the rescuers, but it took them about an hour to get there. Meanwhile, three men descended from another section of the trail to help retrieve the woman. Later, rescuers nevertheless reached the scene and delivered the fallen from the cliff on a tourist boat to a safe place. At the hospital, the woman was told that both she and her baby were fine. When her husband was informed about this, he did not contain tears.

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