Pregnant Demi de Boer about bond with two-year-old daughter Ronnie Flex

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Pregnant Demi de Boer about bond with two-year-old daughter Ronnie Flex

Ronell Plasschaert, as Ronnie is really called, already has a daughter of almost 3 with DJ Wef. At the time, the artist had no relationship with the mother of his child. It takes some getting used to for him to now have to deal with the pregnancy hormones of his girlfriend Demi, who is expecting his second, 24/7.

Demi and Ronnie met three years ago through the shop where Demi works at the time. “I already knew about him because he was my client,” she says. “And then at one point my colleague said, ‘I think he likes you.’ And then I said: ‘That’s possible, but if he likes me, he must have one move to make. Because he doesn’t say anything, he’s so shy.’”

Ronnie can attest to that. According to the soon-to-be daddy, he was so shy that he only stopped by to buy clothes—sometimes twice a week. “I’m not really one anyway move-maker”, he laughs. “In the beginning I was just silent when I entered the shop. Then I said I wanted to buy clothes, I asked if something suited me, and then I bought it.”

This goes on for two months, until a good friend of his decides to get involved and invites Demi to join them at a festival. According to Ronnie, the whole situation was ‘super awkward’: “I just felt like a little boy.”

We are now three years later and Demi is heavily pregnant and busy with the renovation of their house, where little Nori also lives a few days a week. Now the two are completely used to each other, but Ronnie tells in the Videoland series that he found it quite exciting to let Demi into the life of his little girl. Although it was also a relief: “I was 27, my first child. I just came out of a rock star life and was single with her, for a small part of the week. So I was happy to have a woman in my life who could stand by.”

According to Demi, Nori now doesn’t know any better: “My relationship with her is of course very different than with Ronell. I’m more the controller. I take on the mother-like things.”

The eight-part series Ronnie: Together Forever can be seen weekly at Videoland from September 30.

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