Prayer to the Three Saints – Basil the Great, Gregory the theologian and John Chrysostom

Молитва до Трьох Святих – Василія Великого, Григорія Богослова і Іоанна Золотоустого

February 12 – Holy Three

February 12, believers celebrate the feast of the Three Saints, and honor the memory of Basil the Great, Gregory the theologian and John Chrysostom. Also on this day we need to pray for these Holy Fathers. The text of the prayer – on.

The feast of the Three Saints in honour of the Archbishop who was famous for his religious texts and sermons, even during his lifetime. This holiday is celebrated more with 1076. The main thing on the 12th of February to visit the Church and pray Three Holy.

The words of the prayer of the Three Holy

Oh, sablayan hierarchs – Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom! Listen to us, imperfect and sinful, I pray to God for your patronage, and bring in prayer to our gracious and merciful God, before Whom do you stand today in the joy of the saints and choirs of angels. Pray to Him, loving that He did not condemn, but forgive us for iniquities and our transgressions, and he shall deal with us according to our pleas and affection and His kindness. Let us beg Christ our God peaceful life, health of soul and body, the fertility of the earth and all things abundance and prosperity and not for evil, we turned to the good, bestowed by a generous God, but in His glory and in glorifying your patronage.

Let this patronage – His psiblast and grace the Lord will give us godly ability to go the path of earthly life; and deliver us from the air ordeal and by His Holy Spirit will guide and lead us on the road that leads to the dwelling of the righteous, where the relentless voice of those who rejoice, and infinite pleasure by visiting the unspeakable kindness of God’s face. His Holy Church from schisms and heresies will remain, in the end, it is the initial universal unity and integrity will restore, strengthen the faithful, will draw the lost and gives all what you need to release and glory of God; let us submit all your archpastoral blessing and Holy order, they are better safe than sorry, we are delivered from all troubles and misfortunes. Hear our prayer, o hierarchs of Christ, pray unceasingly about us, Almighty God, that His praise and worship Him in three Persons, and to Him belongs all glory, honor and power forever and ever. Amen.

Молитва до Трьох Святих – Василія Великого, Григорія Богослова і Іоанна Золотоустого

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